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No one wants to consider how their family will fair after they're gone, but proper estate planning can save your loved ones a lot of stress and financial hardship. Unsure how to set up wills and trusts? Turn to an estate planning lawyer at C.L. Swisher Legal Group for guidance in the El Paso, TX area.

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Establish clear instructions for power of attorney

Establish clear instructions for power of attorney

Creating an estate plan involves a lot more than just writing a will. Establishing power of attorney is one of the most important decisions you'll have to make. This document will:

  • State a person or organization that can make financial or business transactions on your behalf
  • Allow someone else to complete a real estate transaction for you while you're away
  • Keep transactions and activities private
Without a power of attorney, the court can appoint a conservator whose actions may or may not align with your wishes. For help with this and other estate planning decisions, reach out to your local estate planning lawyer today.